starlight camera system

Our first camera system was started in 2003 with little success. As we installed a wireless used system. We found that living next to a welding shop caused a lot of interferrence with the system. It was also a shock about 2 hours before Midnight foaled in 2004, that the camera burned up and was not usable. We had many people watching until this happened.

The fall of 2009 we installed our current wired camera system. The imprvement included a power supply system that runs all of the cameras from the tackroom. No need any longer for camera's to be plugged in at each stall.

Camera System:

Homestead Security Camera - Model #1651, includes a high quality wide angle lense, color camera, F/2.0,F=4mm, with 350 TV Lines.

Quad Splitter:

Each of the three current camer's run from the stalls to a Color Quad Splitter in the tackroom. Clover Electronics product - Model #QC800.


A single line of high quality video cable then runs from the tackroom, threw the haybarn, underground to the house. Once inside the house it attaches to a video amplifier at the back of our main TV. From there it splits off to TV's in our bedroom, frontroom as well as to the PC.

Video Recorder :

A cable comes from the amplifier to an external ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0 video card. This device then connects to our PC.

Streaming Video :

Unreal Media Server is used to connect to the Streaming Video service hosted by Marestare,

Foal Cam hosted by "Mare Stare"



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