Just the beginning

We purchased Starlight Ranch in 1985, there was an old coal shed being used as a hay barn and 1 water line at the end of the pasture. The pasture was a tanzy patch with little to no grass, no trees, very old barbed wire fencing, old truck parts left by previous owner and railroad plates and spikes left by the railroad when when pulling up old line and replacing with new. In 1990 we started planting trees at one end of the pasture in an area we hoped to put our home someday. In 1992 the real project began taking shape each year as priorities and goals changed. Our home was moved in from North Idaho in February 1992. Just the beginning of all the landscaping and home improvements needing to be completed. In spring of 1996, landscaping under way, trees are growing very slowly, painted the home. At this point the back pasture fencing was still attached to the back of house. Tom in 1997 beginning the layout and installation process of installing over 2000 feet of new vinyl fencing. This would replace the barb wire and allow for better use of land. New Windows and Siding were also installed on the home.



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