stall improvements

In 2001 we continued the addition of shedrow stalls with runs as part of the improvements to reach our goals to raise show quality paint foals. This set up has worked well to keep the mares and foal out of the mud, while allowing them turnout time when not out in the pasture.

Foaling Stalls Starlight Ranch foaling stalls are located in an old coal shed that was brought down from a flour mill 12 miles away in 1978. At which time it was used as our hay barn. In 2004 Tom and his father began remodeling the building into two large foaling stall.

The remodeling included insulation on all walls, new sheeting, a sub floor on top of an already very sturdy timber frame floor. Installed 4 x 6 mats, lights, plugins, hay feeder, grain feeder, heated buckets, heat lamps and a camera system.



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